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fused glass2The methods used for fusing glass in jewelry making are involved so today’s tutorials will introduce you to the basics and give you some ideas of what can be done with fused glass.  Fusing glass is a learn journey so give yourself time to learn and experience the processes involved.  Be sure to educate yourself fully on safety procedures for working with glass and using a kiln before you begin.

Most of these projects require basic jewelry findings that you can find at Brandywine Jewelry Supply.

First, get a basic overview of what Fused Glass is from Wikipedia.  Read through all the terms and processes involved so you can be familiar with just what Fused Glass is.

Fused glass

“Fused glass is glass that has been fired (heat-processed) in a kiln at a range of high temperatures from 593 °C (1,099 °F) to 816 °C (1,501 °F). There are 3 main distinctions for temperature application and the resulting effect on the glass. Firing in the lower ranges of these temperatures 593–677 °C (1099–1251 °F) is called slumping. Firing in the middle ranges of these temperatures 677–732 °C (1251–1350 °F) is considered “tack fusing”. Firing the glass at the higher spectrum of this range 732–816 °C (1350–1501 °F) is a “full fuse”.”

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Next, go through the whole process involved in making a fused glass pendant step-by-step. Greg takes time and will walk you through every step so take your time to focus on the essential processes.

Fused Glass – Glass Pendants

“Preparing and protecting your kiln and kiln shelves is the first step in any fused glass project. You have a large investment in your tools and equipment and you really shouldn’t ignore this fact just because you are anxious to get started.”

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Next, learn about scoring glass, how to load your kiln effectively, and how to add metal inclusions to your work with the blogger “Barefootbohemian”. Try adding metal charms to your fused glass.

Fused Glass Pendants

“Clean the bottom glass piece and handle it so as not to leave fingerprints.  Place the decal where you desire on the bottom piece of glass.  It can be moved around some while it is still wet, but be careful not to tear it.  Press out any air bubble and blot it dry.”

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Now download a detailed PDF about how to make fused glass cabochons from Hiroyuki Kobayashi & Jeffrey Castaline of AANRAKU Stained Glass.  They have the knowledge and experience fusing glass that will really help you get started on this exciting technique.

One Way To Make Cabochons for Jewelry and Pendants

“Whenever possible we fuse base compositions that will be cut down into smaller pieces and then worked to what we want them to be. The main reason we don’t do small individual pieces is because it can be hard and frustrating to stack and fuse smaller pieces and have them fuse/slump evenly. When building small units, they very often slip to the side and become useless, a wasted attempt. By fusing larger compositions almost every cut out piece will slump evenly with little or no waste. The results are always much more fruitful and positive.”

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fused glass


Next, let  Artist Jill Addison walk you through the process she uses to fuse glass.  She will show you how to use fiber paper to create a channel that is used for wire wrapping the finished pieces.  What a wonderful technique!

How To Make Fused Glass Jewelry Video earrings necklaces bracelets belt buckles

“So first the glass is cleaned from any oil from fingers, debris or dust.  And then each layer is placed on the kiln shelf.  Just Lay it up layer by layer.”

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Next, create fused glass heart pendants.  This video will show you how to shape your pieces into hearts by cutting the sides separately and then gluing them together.  Then layers are fused together to give dimension and pattern to the final project.  I really liked the final results and I know you will too.

Fused Glass Tutorial – Glass Hearts

“How to make beautiful fused glass hearts the easy way! A glass tutorial for beginners and more advanced fusers, using Bullseye glass, spectrum glass, glass frit and glass millefiore. They can be used as glass pendants, decorations and embellishments.”

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Finally, learn how to use all the left over bits and odds and ends to create abstract pendants.  Remember to always use the glass scraps with the same COE (co-efficient-of-expansion) or the pieces will shatter as the different types of glass cool, as not being the same COE will cause them to contract at differing rates, causing stress fractures to appear between the pieces fused together.

Glass Fusing Tutorial – Abstract Pendants

“This is how I make abstract forms and random shapes but it is so easy that it doesn’t really need a tutorial. Firstly you will need all your scrap pieces of fusing glass which are the same coefficient of expansion. ”

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There you have seven experts to start you on your journey of learning to make fused glass jewelry.  Begin the process today!


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