Six Adorable Beaded People Patterns

bead people Bead people are an easy way to share you love of beads by showing off your version of a family.  Each person is unique and a gem in their own way.  No two are a like and the more creative you get with bead people the more you will like the final project.  Our uniqueness is what makes us special.

First learn to create coiled wire bead people.  These work up so quick and are super cute.  Experiment with beads and wire to create a unique reflection of someone you know!

Find the perfect wire for your project here  We carry many affordable and stunning types of jewelry wires as well as pin vices , hammers , mallets and pliers that are great for your next wire wrapped project.  Experiment with wire and have fun!

Miniature Bead People: How to make

“Start with 2 pieces of wire that are 24 inches long. Fold it in half and then about 2 inches down fold it over so you know when to stop.”

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Next make dainty little jewels.  Create a different one for every member of your family for a family of bead people on a stunning necklace. Sonia’s design is simple and easy to follow using only one wire.

How to make a bead doll

“Now I need to squish the wire really tight and you need a good sized hole on your bead.”

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Next learn to experiment with your design and style to create many fun and quirky people with the experts at the Wire Worker’s Guild.  I especially like how the design was adapted to make dancing belles !  What a fun idea for jewelry! Use your favorite gemstone beads or stunning mood beads for a personalized look.


“This talismanic charm can be created as a pendant, key ring, ‘phone/or/bag charm, earrings, or as a bookmark … Alternatively just make it as a little portable sculpture (the equivalent of Greek worry beads! … a necessary accessory in this global financial messiness!!).”

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Next make a vintage bead person just like your grandmother might have played with!  Use a country calico pattern to clothe your bead doll.

Easy Peasy Bead People

“Did you know that if you paint cotton fabric with acrylic craft paint it behaves like really strong paper? It’s true. Easily cut with reasonably crappy scissors. No fraying. I paint a lot of fabric for beastie dresses and such, and thus happen to have plenty of scraps around. So I used painted fabric, but felt would work too.”

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Get a close up look of the process for making bead people pendants that have a stylized design.

Wire Bead People

“Cut three long lengths of wire and thread the wires through the beads you want to use as a body. A round bead and a slightly rectangular bead are used in this example, but you can experiment with other shapes if you wish. For example, a large upside down heart could make a nice dress for a female beaded doll.”

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Finally, introduce young ones to beading with bead people.  They teach young ones that every  person is unique like these bead people.  It can keep them busy all summer (or at least an hour or two!) :)

How to Make a Bead Person

“We have done all kinds of things with these little bead people.  We have made necklaces with chain or ribbon.  We have made key chains, bookmarks, and bead people earrings. ”

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This would be a fun project to take to camp with your youth group.  Have fun experimenting with different beads, and wire to create unique hair, and faces for a truly individual result.  These can be made simply or with precise attention to detail for a professional look.

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