Make Casual Bracelets from Blue Jeans- Part One

Jean Label Bracelet

So there’s
Baggy jeans
Skinny jeans
Jeans that have a flare
Loose fit jeans
Straight cut jeans
But i cant find the perfect pair
Boot cut jeans
Embroidered jeans
Jeans i wouldn’t wear
Bleached jeans
Worn out jeans
More jeans over there
Boyfriend jeans
Tapered jeans
More jeans than i can bear
Capri jeans
Cropped jeans
I think i need some air
Blue jeans
Black jeans
People start to stare
Jeans, jeans
So many jeans
I’m pulling out my hair!
(Family Friendly Poems)








I love denim.  It is an old friend that I never can bear to part with and say good bye.  With these fun bracelet tutorials for using that comfy and casual fabric you never have too!  Give new life to that classic pair of jeans and keep that old friend.

First, Nancy will show you how to make a blue jean cuff that features a leather tag stamped with inspirational verse.  This bracelet has a more tailored look while still being informal.  You can also see two additional styles- one with an embroidered name and one featuring a rolled fabric rose.  I can’t decide which style I prefer- of course that means I will have to make them all! :)

Inspiration Bracelets

“Measure your wrist and add 1″.  Cut the waistband of the jeans. I cut mine 8.5″ Cut a piece of leather to fit inside the waistband.”

Original Source:


Next, Susanne shows you how to make  bold and sassy beaded bracelets in three different styles.  The added look of beads gives a nice contrast in color, shape, texture and shine.  Denim really stands out when it the design has contrasting interest.

Denim bracelet – tutorial

“Measure the length of the bracelet and add a little extra where the push buttons will be attached. Don’t be tempted to cut it a little shorter because if you use a stretchy denim, because if will not stretch when the beads have been attached. (The needle is only there to hold the seam in place for the picture since I managed to misplace my third hand :)”

Original Source:


Next, Jeannie L Brown will show you step by step how to use those fancy embroidery stitches found on new sewing machines to add rythum and movement to her design.  This design features a casual frayed edge that is popular fashion when wearing jeans.

Embroidered Frayed Denim Cuff Bracelet

“I really liked the rustic casual frayed edges. Since these were narrow, I hemmed two together and then embroidered the middle. I found a few stitches that I thought would work.”

Original Source:


Finally, Johnnie of Saved By Love Creations shares a guest tutorial on Carolyn’s Homework blog page.  I am a big fan of Saved By Love Creations.  Johnnie’s work always has a rustic and country charm that is simply irresistible. This design uses another part of your old jeans- the label!

Jean Label Bracelet DIY

” In this example, I embellished the final piece with a paper flower, but you can stick whatever you want on there to reflect your style. This project is simple, inexpensive, eco-friendly and quick. Although I do use my Sizzix to emboss the leather, you can absolutely do this project without it.”

Original Source:


I love each of these bracelets.  I know quite a few people who would appreciate these causal accessories as a gift.  These are fun and economical to make. Tune in tomorrow for even more great jewelry ideas for keeping that old causal friend your blue jeans around and new ways to enjoy all the comforts of denim.


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