Make Casual Bracelets from Blue Jeans- Part Two

Morse Code Blue Jean BanglesToday is part two of Making Casual Bracelets from Blue Jeans.  Today’s tutorials will show even more fun and easy ways to hang on to the comfort and style of your old jeans by upcycling those jeans into a new stylish fashion statement.

First, Cindy Kovar will show you a very quick and easy wrap bracelet that features the simple unadorned comfort and style of frayed denim. This bracelet shows the principle “Less is More” which is often so true in design. Often the simplest styles make the best ideas.

Recycled Blue Jeans Wrap Bracelet Tutorial

” I started by ripping a one inch strip of denim from an old pants leg.  The strip is approx. 16 inches, you may need more or less depending on your wrist size.  I frayed the edges by removing some of the threads from the sides of the denim.  Be sure and rip the length of the jean leg, the part that goes up and down. ”

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Next, Amanda Formaro shows you how to dress up that Blue Jean Cuff Bracelet with delicate little color accents of seed beads.  Seed beads come in many wonderful colors that you are sure to create a pattern you love.   I really like the look of the seed bead bracelet next to the denim one as well.  Pairing the two bracelets adds unity to your wardrobe.

Recycled Denim Beaded Bracelet

“Thread a sewing needle with jewelry cord. From the back of the denim, run the needle in and up through the center where your clasp will go. Run the needle and cord through the loop in the clasp and sew several times, tie off. Secure clasp with a little hot glue. Repeat for the other end of the denim.”

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Next, Lula Louise takes stretch denim and creates a quick and easy braided fabric bracelet.  This is a great casual style to wear with your jeans and tea shirts.   The pair a few of these easy bracelets for a nice layered look.

Braided Fabric Bracelet

A stretchy fabric will be easier to pull on and off, that is if you don’t want to fumble with the clasp. Bias strips naturally have some stretch in them and are a great way to quickly pull together supplies without having to do a bunch of cutting. The blue fabric I used is a stretch denim bias tape that I bough for really cheap but have had difficulty using because it is a narrow width and thick, making it hard to fold over.”

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braided fabric bracelets



Morse Code Blue Jean Bangles

“There are lots of Morse code jewels out there, but mostly they use patterns of short-and-long beads.  I decided to paint mine instead!”

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Each of these quick and easy bracelets are sure to be come welcomed friends in your wardrobe as they are so fun and comfy and allow you to show off your causal style.  Enjoy each one!  Be sure to check out my previous post Make Casual Bracelets from Blue Jeans- Part One as well for even more fun ideas with denim.  Enjoy!


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