Three DIY Beaded Bookmark Ideas

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Mother’s day is just around the corner! Have you wondered what you could give to your Mother, or Sweetheart who has everything?  Why not make her something from the heart that says just how much you love her.

These  creative bookmarks can be customized to include her favorite color of beads and jewels.  They are quick and easy, yet turn out simply beautiful.  Perfect for the lovely lady in your life.


The Link To Charms

“I will take you along for the ride as I figure out how to make charms from chains.”

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Beautiful Beaded Bookmark

“Figure out how long you want your bookmark to have the beads fall over the top and the bottom of the book. Slide another crimp bead on the thread and crimp it in the place that you want, leaving enough space between each end of the thread.”

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Never Lose Your Page Again!

“The best part is that it is impossible to lose your page.  Little hands can pick up the book, shake it, through it around, and your marker isn’t going anywhere.”

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  • Chelsea Smith March 8, 2013, 12:04 am

    I enjoyed reading your DIY stuff. I’d like to try this next weekend. Let’s see how artistic myself can be. Love it!

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