DIY Hand Flower and Slave Bracelet Jewelry Tutorials

how-to-make-hand-flower-handpiecesTo give a little background history on slave bracelets according to E. J. Alagoa,  Portuguese slave trades used to pay for slaves using coins called manillas that Nigerian traders often turned into intricate bracelets. Some African traders also bent copper bars that were used as bracelets for money and were referred to as “slave bracelets”.

Nowadays slave bracelets consist of a bracelet and ring that are attached to each other with multiple strands of chains to ornament the back of the hand. They became popular with the 20′s flapper subculture and later the term “hand flower” was also coined to describe them in an attempt to avoid the connotations of subservience and/or servitude conjured by their original name.

Learn how to design and create stylish accents to your hands with these easy to follow jewelry tutorials.  First Lauren will show you how to create a design that features a diamond shape. This shape would be an easy place to attach your favorite charms.

DIY Diamond Ring and Bracelet Hand piece

” I’m becoming a big sucker for arm candy, big metal rings, delicate bracelets and all things rustic and beautiful! I don’t have any jewelry to work with my new rustic, metallic love so I wanted to make some of my own, and a ring and bracelet hand piece was the first on my list!”

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Next create a a design with a earthy gemstone bead as a focal point.  There are many ways you can customize this design for your unique style.

Handpiece & Dainty Knuckle Rings DIY

“I have had a love for hand pieces for a while now, honestly I didn’t even think to call them a “handpiece” until Free People did an article on their blog about them. Before the article I just referred to them as “ring connected to a bracelet bracelet” (ha!).”

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Slave bracelets are a wonderful way to upcycle necklaces that you don’t wear anymore or are broken.  We all have a few broken chains around that would look natural in these designs.

DIY Slave Bracelet/Ring Wrist Bracelet

“Take your chain and measure your wrist. Use the wire cutter to cut the chain. Then cut the chain into two equal parts.”

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Next, YouTube user Tiffy Quake will share how to create three different styles of handflowers.  I really like the diamond pattern that she shares with us.

Slave Bracelet / Wrist Ring Bracelet ♥ DIY

“You can get really creative and do any design you want but I did three designs for you.”

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Make a very delicate lace bracelet with your favorite trim.  This is so easy to do and will create a look that is not very often seen with this style of bracelet.

DIY: Golden Lace Slave Bracelet

“While the lace is drying, take some chain and measure around your middle finger. Make sure it is loose.”

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Slave bracelets are very similar to barefoot sandals so this design can be adapted to serve as a hand flower. This beaded pattern is very easy to customize and change to fit you!

Capricious Creativity: Barefoot Sandals – DIY “How to”

“Continue adding beads in whatever pattern you like until you have a large loop that is twice the circumference of the ankle this is being fitted for. Add a clasp to the other end and you’ve essentially made a big ol necklace.”

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Be inspired and create one of these lovely gems for your hand!  Notice the complements you will receive!

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