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Thread earringsEveryone remembers creating string art in school.  Today’s tutorials  will introduce you to the string art earrings from Peru.  This style of these earrings originated in the 1960s in Peru and today these styles are making a big comeback. These earrings are all the rage today with celebrities.  They look very complicated but surprisingly they are easy and you can make them yourself!  Use any shape or color that best fits your style.  Feel free to experiment with wrapping patterns and then with accentuating your designs with beads.  

You can find many affordable types of jewelry wires as well as beads, findings and tools, that make these projects a breeze at Brandywine Jewelry Supply. These designs are easy, so stock up on jewelry wire and grab your tools and let’s get started!

First, learn the basics on how to make the wire frame used to hold the thread in place while creating these intricate designs.

A Quick How To Make a Thread Earring Video

“Make a hoop by wrapping wire around a glass jar.  (I used thick gauge wire for this demo.) Twist ends together to tighten.  Twist the ends off.”

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Next, read through the step-by-step process used to make Peruvian thread earrings.  It always helps to have written instructions. Stéphane will walk you through all the easy to follow steps in this next tutorial.

The Way to Make Peruvian Thread Earrings

“Handcrafted jewelry lends a particular exotic, earthy charm to any outfit and few things are increased amounts of satisfaction than making your personal. Peruvian thread earrings are colorful, intricate and surprisingly simple to make.”

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Next, YouTube artist Ikologee will show you how to wrap thread earrings using embroidery thread.  Experiment with your threads to achieve different looks in your finished design.  Metallic golden thread can be used to catch the sunlight. Use multi- coloured threads to create a rainbow effect. Sparkle thread will create that twinkles whenever the earrings move.

How to Make Pink and White Thread Earrings

“I love making and sharing these – I’m an artist so I have a need to share creativity.”

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Learn how to make different patterns in these next two tutorials.  This first design is a U-shaped pattern that leaves a space in the center of the design that would be a perfect place to add eye catching beads as a focal point.

How To Make this Patterned Thread Earring 1

“In this project I used green, purple and orange thread. Beginning at the top of the hoop, tie a knot with the green thread.”

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Next, view some of the many different looks that can be created when creating Peruvian Thread Earrings.

A Silk Thread Earring Demo

“As many variations as you can imagine! They are very satisfying to make. My favorite is three layers using one color – or different shades of a color.”

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Expand this style of jewelry making into pendants with Camille Sharon.  Try different shapes in addition to the traditional tear-drop.  Try circles, triangles, squares, half moons, and I have even seen hearts.  Add dangles to the edges of your earrings to add eye catching movement to your designs.

String-Art Pendant (Peruvian Thread Earrings)

“You can make this in a variety of sizes as either a pendant for a necklace or for dangles on earrings. Use different colors of wire and thread for thousands of unique color combinations.”

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These designs can also be achieved without coiled wire.  This next design uses beads threaded along the frame to separate the thread wraps.  Imagine the possibilities!

Yarn/Wire Earrings <3

“Twist one end a bit, than thread the pearls on the wire. Don’t put to much of pearls on the wire, you need a bit distance! You need a bit of the place for the yarn!”

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Finally, expand this idea further with halter earrings with Ikologee.  Be sure to view Ikologee’s other informative videos to learn even more possibilities for experimentation and different color ideas.

Make halter earrings from a bangle

“Use your pointy pliers to make a loop for the ear hook. To wrap the hoop dad a little glue on the yarn then tie a knot.  Snip off the excess yarn as close to the knot as you can get – the glue will ensure that the knot won’t unravel.”

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There you have eight marvelous tutorials to create earrings and pendants with an ethnic flare with Peruvian Thread Earrings.  Make them in all your favorite colors and add variety to your life.  Enjoy!


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