Make 4 Easy Wire-Wrapped Beaded Rings

making wire wrapped ringsToday I have some wonderful tutorials for wire wrapped rings for you.  If you have never tried it before, you’ll find that wire wrapping is such a wonderful art because it allows you to take simple wire, tools such as wire cutters, pliers, and hammers along with beads to create stylish rings.  One of the nice things about all of these designs is that they are extremely simple, and quick to complete. Plus, We carry all of the wire-wrapping supplies you need to get started!

In this first wire-wrapped ring tutorial, Heidi teaches the basics of wire wrapping a simple single beaded ring.  This technique is very easy yet looks mysterious and lovely when complete.

Wire Basics: Wire Wrapped Beaded Ring

“In this project I will be using 20 gauge copper wire.  This project can also be done using 18 gauge if the hole in the bead is large enough for it to fit through.  I always use dead soft wire.”

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Next make a few stunning cluster rings with Corinne Bradd.  These rings are wonderful and I had fun imagining all of the possibilities this style of  can create.  Try one today!  You will be glad you did!

How to make a crystal cluster ring

“Join us as Corinne Bradd shows Emma Ward how to accessorize an outfit in no time with this simple technique which is sure to turn heads!”

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In this next design, Karen shares her own twist on making a lovely spiral ring with beads from copper wire.  I’m a big fan of copper for it’s warm color.  It goes well with any style. Copper is also a great material to use when you are just starting out because it is cost effective for practicing and a very forgiving material that is easy to shape.

Copper Ring Tutorial

“Time to put the ring back on our “form”. This is when you want to tighten everything up and make sure the wire is going where you want it to go.”

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Lastly Ronnie, a jewelry artist from Romania shares a fun wire wrapped ring that is very simple and easy to create.  I used Google translate for this tutorial in Romanian.  Ronnie’s tutorial has lots of close up pictures to teach you everything you need to know.

Green Fairy Ring Tutorial

“I invite you today to try to build a simple ring, wire, with a “stone” Murano glass.”

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Wonderful aren’t they?  I thought so.  Let us know what you learned along the way while wire wrapping rings!


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