Create Your Own Faceted Gemstone Settings Tutorials

wire-wrapping faceted gemstonesHave you ever admired a piece of jewelry that has gemstones in it and wondered how to create a piece like that on your own?  These tutorials are just for you!  Loose gemstones can be wire wrapped, set in snap settings or placed in ring settings, or you can even create your own settings to incorporate into your jewelry.

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Snap settings or ‘snap-tites’ are an easy and quick way to set faceted gemstones into your jewelry project.

Plain snap settings consist of just the snap head. Snap settings are also available as pendant styles with a bail attached, or earring styles, with a earring post.

First Enelle Lamb has put together a faceted gem wire wrap tutorial for someone who has a experience with wire wrapping. Such  a lovely creation!

How to Wire Wrap a Faceted Gemstone Pendant

“Once you have been making wire wrapped jewellery for a while, you start looking around for something more challenging to create. This next pattern is not for the beginner, unless of course, you happen to be patient, precise and enjoy a challenge!”

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Check out this easy tutorial by Rachel Murgatroyd.  She shares step by step directions for a amazing DIY gemstone ring that will stun your friends!

Easy Beaded Solitaire Ring – A wire wrap tutorial

“The first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to set our gemstone in the snap set.”

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Easy Beaded Solitaire Ring - A wire wrap tutorial



Next Liz Kreate shares how to set a teardrop shape gemstone.  This tutorial allows you to create a masterfully set gemstone.

Tutorial – How to make a Wire-Wrapped Pendant

“Tutorial of wire wrapping a pendant using faceted teardrop shape Amethyst gemstone. This video shows a step by step procedure.”

Original Source Part 1 :

Tutorial - How to make a Wire-Wrapped Pendant

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Anna Lemons shares a snap set pendant tutorial.  You will need to subscribe to see the tutorial but subscription is free.  Snap sets take all the work out of using those amazing gemstones!

Free Wire Project: Snap-set Pendant

“Learn how to showcase a faceted gemstone by adding swirls of wire work to a quick and easy setting in this intermediate tutorial.”

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Finally for those interested in advanced techniques, enjoy Soham Harrison’s tutorial that shows how to cut, polish and shape your own settings for that amazing faceted stone.  Learn how to do the gypsy, bead, and tube settings.

Setting Faceted Stones

“We’re going to do three different settings for 2.5mm faceted stone.”

Original Source Part 1:

Original Source part 2 :



We’d love to hear your comments and see your finished project!  Have a great day!


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