4 Ideas For Beading Around A Cabochon

I just love cabochons!  Each one is unique with different colors and patterns.  I am always looking for new creative ways to showcase their beauty with a setting just as unique.  These ideas can also be used on cameos.

Here are ideas from 4 different artists and their approach to add beads to a cabochon.   Deborah Roberti shared her basic Peyote Bezel pattern which serves a the foundation for each piece. Beadnik shared a how to for a lovely cabochon set in beads. From Leah Kramer you can see how to add the beads without mounting the stone on fabric. Lastly Kris DeGraeve found a way to ensure your faceted cabochon can shine by allowing light through the piece.

Creating a Peyote Bezel

“The base for all of my rivoli patterns is the peyote bezel. Made up of size 11/0 Delica beads and 15/0 seed beads, this beaded bezel—or cup—holds the rivoli in place and also enables you to embellish the rivoli by beading around it.”

Original Source: http://www.aroundthebeadingtable.com/Tutorials/PeyoteBezel.html


Beaded Cabochon Tutorial

“I’ve been working on making some beaded cabs lately, and thought it would be fun to attempt a tutorial on the system I use.”

Original Source: http://beadnik.tripod.com/cabs.html

Finished Beaded Cabs


How to Bead a Casing Around a Cabochon

This method is sort of an alternative to the usual method of beading around a cabochon which is to mount the cabochon onto fabric or leather and stitch beads to the fabric. I think that this is much easier but it’s definitely a different look.”

Original Source:  http://www.leahkramer.com/encasedcab.shtml


Beaded Faceted Stone Pendant

“So many beautiful stones end up set in metal settings with closed backs that don’t let light refract through them. Less light traveling through a stone means less sparkle. I set this stone with a little simple bead work around the edge to show off as much of that intense glitter as possible.”

Original Source: http://howdidyoumakethis.com/blog/2012/8/14/make-this-beaded-faceted-stone-pendant.html


We would love to see how you bead around your cabochons.  Inspire us all and let us see how you do it.


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