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diy barefoot jeweled sandalsI have sure got spring fever and the itch for summer to arrive!  These wonderful step by step tutorials for barefoot sandals will give you just what you need for feeling pretty when you step out on the beach this summer.

These creations only need some basic beading supplies, beads and focal interest, and some jewelry findings such as clasps, and  crimp beads.  We’ve got you covered on all the basic supplies for these fun accessories for your feet!

In this first tutorial from Project Wedding, summer brides will appreciate the simplicity of the easy to follow instructions for sandals that look very comfortable because there is not much wrapped around the toe.  You could even add a focal point to these cute “foot jewelry” un-shoes with gemstone pendants or charms!

DIY Barefoot Sandals

“So I recently attempted to make DIY Barefoot sandals to customize them to my wedding colour and style, and decided to share the instructions. Once you have decided on a design, they only take about an hour to make.”

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Next, Lisa Russel shares a YouTube video for creating a hand crafted toe thong.  If you were to purchase your barefoot jewelry they can run up to $60 or more but I really like how Lisa’s DIY design turns out.  It always feels so good to wear something you made yourself.  This design will bring you lots of compliments!

Beaded Jewelry Hand Crafted Foot Jewelry Toe Thongs

“What I do first is I lay out my design.  It is always nice to start out with your design laid out.”

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toe thong



In another tutorial aimed at the soon to be wed, Michelle shares just how lovely barefoot sandals can be for that beach wedding.  I love how they turned out on all the bride’s maids!

Capricious Creativity: Barefoot Sandals – DIY “How to”

“Continue adding beads in whatever pattern you like until you have a large loop that is twice the circumference of the ankle this is being fitted for. Add a clasp to the other end and you’ve essentially made a big ol necklace.”

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Finally, Emmi  shares a tutorial that uses a different medium for receiving the beads.  Ribbon!  Using ribbon allows you to add an extra touch of style to your barefoot sandals.  It sounds difficult to string beads onto ribbon but Emmi will show you a very easy way to accomplish this.

Beach Wedding Barefoot Sandals

“Learn how to make some cute Barefoot Sandals for a Beach Wedding! So easy to do.”

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There you have it!  Four wonderful ways to keep your toes happy and your feet relaxing in style this summer.  Make your own pair today!


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