Learn What Tools You Can Use to Shape Clay for Jewelry Making

clay toolsI needed some new inspiration on what tools I could use to shape various kinds of clay and I thought I’d share some ideas with you as well.  Today you’ll see some of the traditional tools that you can buy in kits and you will also learn to look at items around you with an eye to how they could be used for shaping clay when you make jewelry as well.

First, Hadar Jacobson shows you what sort of tools she uses with metal clay.  Some of the tools you might expect but others are happy surprises that will inspire you to find new uses for everyday objects around you.

Teach Your Old Tools New Tricks

“I routinely use regular jewelry-making tools: saws for sawing tubes, files for carving and enlarging differently shaped holes, sponge sanding pads to smooth out surfaces, a hand drill and drill bits to start holes, and diamond bits to carve lines and grind off dried clay. Here is a collection of short but sweet suggestions for repurposing your traditional jewelry tools for use with PMC. However, not all of the tools I use were originally designed for jewelry making.”

Original Source: http://www.jewelrymakingdaily.com/blogs/daily/archive/2013/08/09/teach-your-old-tools-new-tricks-improvised-metal-clay-tools-by-hadar-jacobson.aspx


Next, visit with Debi Allison who is a clay artist that creates intricate ornaments and her tips and tricks will suit you well when designing jewelry with clay as well.

Polymer Clay Tools – What Does Deb Use in Her Studio?

” I have had a lot of requests from people asking about my tools, so in this episode, Felix and I share some of the tools I use and give you a peek into my “Clay Cabinet”.”

Original Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ks2DYD6XVZI



Next, consider making your own clay stamping and shaping tools.  This was a previous blog post here on Brandywine Jewelry Supply that gives you many ideas for cutting unique shapes and adding textures to your work.

Making your own Polymer Clay Stamping and Shaping Tools

“If you have ever worked with Polymer Clay you know that sometimes you can’t find the right tool for what your idea needs.  Your local shop doesn’t have a good selection, there is no local shop, the available tools will not work or are too expensive. So why not make your own polymer clay shaping tools?”

Original Source: http://www.brandywinejewelrysupply.com/blog/making-polymer-clay-stamping-shaping-tools/


Finally, get an up close look at many of the more common clay tools that you will find indispensable when you work with clay.  This video has no words so it doesn’t give you the name of each tool but you will get a good look at what kind of tools will come in handy when you design clay jewelry.

Tools I Use For Clay

Original Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVduscyoT3c


There you have great inspiration on what tools can come in handy when you work with clay.  What will you create next?  Experiment and have fun!


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