Using Leftover Bits of Polymer Clay From Jewelry Making

scrap clay2When you create and design jewelry from Polymer Clay there will always be left over bits and ends of canes.  It is not necessary to throw these colorful bits away.  I have always been one to use it up and create wonderful new designs from every left over piece.  Today’s tutorials will help you get the most bang for your buck when you use Polymer Clay.

First, learn how to store used clay and scraps until you are ready for the next creative project.  Preserving your clay correctly is the first step to getting the most from your investment in your materials.


How to Store Polymer Clay, Millefiori Canes or Scrap clay?

“Polymer clay can be stored for months or years. Exposure to air will not cure or hurt it, but it’s best to keep it wrapped for protection from dust, animal hair, sunlight and lint. polymer clay does not contain water that can evaporate like earthen clay. The main danger to polymer clay is from excessive heat or ultraviolet light; these can partially cure the clay, making it unusable. ”

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Next, browse through these fourteen different ideas found on Polymer Clay Web for using your left over odds and ends of clay.  These ideas are easy to use and will allow you to create many more wonderful designs.

Using “Scrap” Clay

“Work on your color-mixing skills by blending scraps together. By combining tiny bits of different colors, you can come up with a larger, more useful amount of clay in a new color. If you’re inexperienced with mixing colors, here are two tips to get you started: First, you’ll find it hard to go wrong if you group like colors before mixing.”

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scrap clay

This fun tutorial from Ronit Golan will show you just how easy it is to create new fantasy canes from your scraps.  This is a wonderful way to reuse your clay in new designs.

Scrap Cane Tutorial

“Scraps from canes can be from any part or stage when constructing a cane; it can be from the petals stage or the cane ends after reducing and cutting the edges.”

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Next, Deanna Holub will show you how to create mirror image designs that make stunning statement pendants.  Imagine the compliments you will get when you create these gems!

Tutorial for Polymer Clay designs out of old canes or scrap clay

“I recently found this book by Julie Picarello called “Patterns in Polymer” and I have been trying everything. One of her techniques “Lizard Tails” gave me the idea that I could use old canes to make a mirror-image design for pendants and other jewelry.”

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Next get a basic over view of how to make Natasha Beads from Cindy Lietz  a blogger known as The Polymer Clay Tutor. Natasha beads are made by pressing pieces of clay together, and then making a few twists, to create beads with intricate designs. These beads are not complicated to make and even those who are new to working with polymer clay can make these beads.

Making Natasha Beads From Polymer Cane End Pieces

“Answering the age old question of, what to do with the “waste” end pieces from your polymer clay canes. Making a Scrap Cane Natasha Bead is the perfect solution!”

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Finally, download a complete tutorial  for Natasha Beads from and Iris Mishly.  Iris takes a different approch to Natasha beads than the previous artist. You will see step by step photos of the whole process involved in making these intricate looking beads.

Natasha Beads Technique

“Take your leftovers and cut them into slices. They don’t have to be thin but not too thick either.”

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Natasha Beads

There you have six easy ideas to make stunning new jewelry from your left over bits or odds and ends of polymer clay.  Take a look at those left overs with a new eye and imagine the possibilities!


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