Make 3 Different Bead Crochet Accessories

Marion Jewels Turkish CrochetMany people who know how to crochet are hesitant to try bead crochet.  It looks complicated but it is really very simple and easy to learn.  The process is simple, string your beads on to your string before you crochet, string them in the reverse order that you need them in the pattern as the last bead you string will be the first bead you use.  Then as you crochet you simply slide a bead to your needle and crochet over the bead with a stitch to lock it in place.

Today’s tutorials will show you step by step how easy and simple this process is and give you great bracelet or necklace projects that you can make with your new skills.

First, learn to make a bead crochet rope.  If you have ever attempted bead crochet or bead crochet ropes before and just did not understand this tutorial is for you!  Julie A Harper has provided you with a tutorial with up-close, detailed photographs and instructions that will allow you to easily follow along with the process.  She used large pony beads in three different colors to allow you to see the photo instructions easily.  After you have mastered the steps, choose smaller beads for your designs.

Bead Crochet Rope Tutorial

“The last bead strung will be the first bead worked.  We will be working with the slip stitch, each stitch holding one single bead in it.  The rope itself will form a helix, and you will notice that the beads will spiral around the rope as you work.”

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Next, Marion shows you how to take the skills you learned in the previous tutorial and use them to create a flat beaded rope called Turkish Crochet.  You will love the jeweled look of these bracelets and get many compliments.

Turkish Flat Bead Crochet Bracelet Tutorial

“Slide 1 bead and crochet 1 single chain stitch. Turn the work around and make 1 single crochet stitch right into the first chain stitch.”

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Finally, create this fantastic flowing wave of  color, with a beaded edge.  This design is named after colorful Sea Anemones (shown below).  I think the designer did a fabulous job of giving voice to this idea in a crochet pattern.

Sea anemones

Sea Anemone ~ A Beaded Bracelet Pattern & Tutorial

“Measure your wrist (or the wrist of the recipient). Since cotton yarn stretches and relaxes with wear, a snug fit is recommended. (Rather like buying jeans.)”

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See how easy it is to create jewelry with bead crochet?  Be inspired to try one of these designs today and your crochet will always have the sparkle and shine of beads!


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