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Using Soutache Embroidery Techniques in Jewelry Making

Beading Jewelry-Making Tutorials
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Soutache EmbroideryIf you love to incorporate fabric, fibers, or ribbon into your jewelry designs, or just want to try something new and fabulous be sure to try Soutache embroidery.   “Soutache is a form of Couching.  Soutache embroidery consists of using a braid which is twined and threaded through itself and held down by small stitches.” (Art And Designs).

Out of this world designs are created using Soutache.  Learning these techniques is a journey that you can begin today.  Be patient and experiment with these techniques.  Use wonderful beads and cabochons to create truly unique designs that will be admired everywhere.  At Brandywine Jewelry Supply you can find a wonderful selection of gemstone beads and cabochons that would look stunning in your designs. Soutache can really set your cameos apart from the rest! Soutache is not hard to learn.  I have scoured the web just for you so you will have everything you need to learn how with today’s tutorials.

First view the steps involved in making a bracelet.  This step by step tutorial needs no words to inspire you to begin.

Bracelet made from soutache and beads

Original Source : http://www.mylovelybeads.com/php/class/previewClass.php?key=soutache

Next create bold and daring earrings with Soutache. This tutorial has many photos to show you what you need to learn.  Choose your favorite natural cabochon and begin today!

Tutorial, or a few tips on how to create soutache earrings

“Sew the strings in shape of small bead on one side of the main stone.  Sew the small bead in and sew dangling strings to the bottom side of earring.”

Original Source: http://ilovesoutache.blogspot.nl/2012/10/tutorial-or-few-tips-on-how-to-create.html


These earrings create the yin yang feel with black and white cording and graceful swirls.  Soutache is known for these generous swirls of color.

DIY How to Make Soutache Jewelry

According to Tatiana, Soutache is a kind of hand embroidery, which uses strips of viscose called soutache. The name of this technique comes from the French word soutache, meaning a type of braid sewn ornaments on military uniforms. Technique of decoration of the bars was already known in ancient China. Soutache found for this widely used in fashion. ”

Original Source: http://handmade-jewelry-club.com/2012/11/diy-how-to-make-soutache-jewelry.html


Next is a tutorial from one of my favorite artists, Bee Jang.  With this tutorial you will learn how to prepare the stone and that your stitches do not have to be neat as they are hidden by ultrasuade.  These earrings are a golden vision!

[Tutorial] Golden Soutache Earrings

“If you ever did bead embroidery, this is very similar. We will wrap soutache braids around the piece. Other concepts are pretty much the same with bead embroidery. First, we will start preparing the stone.”

Original Source: http://bead-tutorial.livejournal.com/39008.html


Next spend time with Beading 4 Perfectionists.  They have produced a number of tutorials for beginners just starting the Soutache journey.  Be sure to watch all of these inspirational and information packed videos on YouTube.

Soutache #1 : How to curve around a pearl earring beginners tutorial

“I am going to start with this as it is simple.  This is your basic brick stitch around your pearls.  ”

Original Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLPx8e-4e1g


Next use your beginning skills to make a stunning heart themed pendant.  Even beginners can have amazing results!

Soutache Pendant for Valentine’s Day Beginners Tutorial

“Take your 3 soutache threads in the middle and let them hang.  With your thumb you can feel if the threads are lined up straight.”

Original Source : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCHUjThEx5Q


This next tutorial is in French so use Google Translate.  This tutorial will show you how to create elaborate creations for your next grand affair or wedding.

Soutache Embroidery

“To start a small tip, the braid has a tendency to unravel.To avoid this coat the pieces of glue (preferably using glue E6000.”

Original Source: http://www.oceaniecreations.fr/blog/schema-bijoux-perles-broderie-a-la-soutache/


Finally learn all the tips and tricks to make your Soutache a success!  Lyn Voyager has created a series of YouTube videos that can be combined in many ways to create unique Soutache jewelry.

Absolute Beginners – Soutache Elements 1 – Straight Stitch & Tuck Curl/Loop

” I’m going to be showing as many of the design elements as I can, so you can combine them to create components which in turn can be used to create beautiful and unique pieces of soutache jewellery.”

Original Source : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsvirF1RozE

Be inspired to begin today with Soutache!  Your work will excite and thrill you and many others!

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