4 Fabulous Wire Wrapped Earring Tutorials

wire wrapped earrings tutorialsI love making my own earrings!  It is so easy to use wire to make your own special jewelry for your ears!  All it takes is some earring wires and the wire to wrap your beads or make your wire design with.  Our jewelry wire is one of our most popular items!

Here are four step by step tutorials to make your own wire-wrapped earrings.  Each artist lays out all the techniques you need to complete these wonderful earring designs for yourself.

In this first tutorial, Chris Franchetti Michaels a published author of many books on jewelry making demonstrates how to use a wire jig to make these stylish Celtic Knot Earrings.

Celtic Knot Wire Charm and Earrings

“In this intermediate-level wire work project, we use a wire jig to create a simple Celtic knot pendant or charm. ”

Original Source : http://www.beadjewelry.net/main_blog/2008/6/23/celtic-knot-wire-charm.html

Next, Rebecca teaches how to make these cute Anthropologie inspired earrings by  fastening beads to your earrings using wire-wrapping methods.  My husband thought these were beautiful!

Anthropologie Knock-Off Earring Tutorial

“Bend the wire into a tear drop shape (does not have to be perfect yet, you can form it more as you go) and using needle nose pliers bend both of the ends of the wire 90 degrees.”

Original Source : http://www.mygirlishwhims.com/2012/06/anthropology-knock-off-earring-tutorial.html


Check out this tutorial from YouTube user “I Have A Cupcake”.  She shows you how easy it is to shape wire with simple tools like round nose pliers.

DIY Wire Earrings

“You can also use a wire jig to make this easier but I don’t have one right now”

Original Source : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8B-O2UC7SPc


Finally, Monika Laskowska shares a wonderfully detailed tutorial for these teardrop gem wire wrapped earrings that I can’t wait to make!  I love her use of color and tiny details in creating these wire-wrap earrings!

Earrings, Passion Tutorial

“I know, that you waiting for this long time – but i hope that will be useful.”

Original Source : http://monikalaskowska.deviantart.com/art/Wire-wrapping-free-tutorial-108504643



We’d love to see how you wire wrap earrings and be inspired!


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