Clever String-Wrapped Stones, Cabochons, and Shells Jewelry Patterns

macrame stoneI love looking for ways to include natural stone cabochons in my jewelry.  String is perfect for wrapping and creating bezel settings for cabochons.   Many different looks can be achieved with different cords so you can truly create unique jewelry with earth touches!  Today’s artist will share the methods they have used for wrapping stones and  many other materials with knotted strings.  Get excited and watch and learn!

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First, set back and relax while you are inspired.  In this first video tutorial the artist has taken care to go through each step slowly and with up close shots so you can recreate this easy process on your next jewelry project.

How to Wrap a Stone – Macrame Tutorial [DIY]

“Many people asked me how do I wrap a stone in my Macrame Jewelry, so I decided to make a simple tutorial. . . With this technique you can create macrame bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings, just use a little bit of your imagination.”

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Next, Emi shows you a quick and easy way to crochet around glass beads and many other materials that do not have stones.  This is a simple method that looks great!  You will love the results!

Crochet covered glass bead pendants

“How to crochet covers for glass beads, beach stones, river rocks, or any other stones without holes. Use them as pendants to make necklaces, or fill bowls with them. “

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Maybe you want a more decorative look over a plain stone.  This next tutorial by Margaret Oomen can turn any stone into a jeweled treasure!  Margaret’s work is stunning and you can accomplish this look too with just three stitches (chain, single and double crochet)!

Little Urchin Crochet Covered Sea Stones 

“In this tutorial I will show you how to crochet a cover for a smooth sea or river stone inspired by the lovely sea urchin. The instructions are for a stone about 5 cm in diameter but can easily be adapted to any size. If you can crochet a chain, make a single and double crochet stitch then you are ready to make a covered stone. “

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Micro Macrame is wonderful for wrapping stones.  Becky creates amazing necklaces using macrame and she was generous enough to share with you how to create these stunning works of art.  Take your time and give your self practice to perfect your skills.  That is good advice for any new technique.

Macrame How to wrap a stone Using Macrame Knots

“In order to tie the pendant to the rest of the necklace, I usually just add a few cords and tie them at the top and continue from there. You can easily hide the knots of the cords you added by just using a square knot around the cords afterwards.”

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Finally, enjoy two videos from YouTube artist EasyMeWorld that will show you just how easy it is to create stones wrapped in string.  Her second video shares so many ways you can use these methods to take your skills to new decorative uses such as painted rocks, seashells and coins, wind chimes, key chains, jewelry, zipper embellishments.  There are so many ways to use your knotting skills with jewelry!

How To Wrap A Stone With String

“I will be showing you how to wrap a stone with hemp string in this video. No glue needed. Wrapping a stone can open the door to lots of creative ideas. . . I love to use different strings also. (yarn, crochet string, hemp string and twine). .  It really does make a beautiful necklace. We CAN make beautiful jewelry that is original but it does not have to have a high cost. The best part is… IT IS SO MUCH FUN!! They make awesome gifts too!! “

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So grab some beautiful cabochons and cameos to try these techniques.  These techniques are Fun and Easy so try them today!

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